Grocery Delivery in Columbus: Is it possible?

I have been curious for quite a while whether I could have all my grocery needs delivered to my house.  I decided to test out some of the options available in Columbus, OH. Semi-Option #1: Meijer Grocery Express (

Description: With this service you go online and pick out the groceries you need, pick a time when you can pick them up at the store and arrive at that time to pick them up already bagged and ready to go.  Unfortunately, this service is only available at 4 Meijer stores.  The Westerville store is the only one in the Columbus area.

Cost: A $6.95 fee per order.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, this store is 12 miles / 20 minutes from my house.  A 40 minute drive and I could have done the shopping myself at my local Kroger.  If you are near a Meijer with this service it is definitely worth $7 to not have to wander around the store for an hour searching for what you need.  Meijer’s prices are very competitive.  A Columbus Dispatch comparison done a few years ago placed Meijer only second to Wal-Mart in overall grocery prices.

Option #2: The Hills Market (

Description: With this delivery service you go online and pick out the groceries you need, pick a time when you want them delivered (1 hour window) and they get delivered at that time.

Cost: A varying delivery fee is charged depending on your zip code ($5 to $40).  Tip is recommended.

Conclusion: The Hills Market website is great, easy to use, the selection is good and you can tip when you place your order.  My delivery window was 6-7pm and they arrived at 6pm sharp (Far cry from your cable company).   The cost:  The breakdown shown below is my Hills Market total and a Kroger price check done a few days later.

Price Comparison
  6/26/2011 The Hills Kroger  
8 3 Musketeers Bars $5.69 $4.00  
5 Bananas $2.00 $1.17  
80 Fabric Soft Sheets $6.69 $4.99  
1 Cheez-It Box $5.49 $3.26  
1 Eggo Waffles $2.58 $2.00  
1 Chicken Breast $3.49 $2.23  
1 Hersheys Choc $8.69 $6.06  
1 Ground Beef $3.19 $1.87  
1 Crackers $3.59 $4.00  
1 Pop Tart Box $3.49 $2.99  
1 Crackers $3.49 $2.00  
1 Miller light $17.49 $16.99  
1 Hot Dogs $5.79 $2.99  
1 Hot Dog Buns $2.39 $1.00  
1 Sour Cream $2.99 $1.25  
1 Strawberries $2.50 $1.00  
  Sub Total $79.55 $57.80  
  Tax $1.63 $1.18  
  Delivery Fee $5.00 $0.00  
  Tip $8.62 $0.00  
  Total $94.80 $58.98  
  Kroger Costs 38% $35.82 Less
  Time (mins) 15 60  

So depending on how you value your time it may or may not be worth the extra cost.  (Note: I was lucky to be in the $5 delivery fee zip code, you may not be)

Know of some other options in Columbus, Ohio?  Let us know at